“She” and “Dear Future” by Marc Shapiro





She used to like to do it in the morning

When sunlight knifed through curtains

Highlighting her movements

Cat like

Like cool easy jazz

Then one day something left her


A single tear tarnishing cheek

It rolled down

Moving her into the dark

Where she continues to do it

In silhouette

In emptiness







I am Juan

I am barrio

I am Washington

I am ghetto

I don’t ball

I don’t bang

I am the neighborhood freak

And I have the beatdowns to prove it

I see a future 

In my mind

In my heart

In my spirit

My heroes are Zapata

Malcolm X

And Che

I read

I write

About the things that may not matter

But just might

I am legal

 I am off into the world

Where I will be free

To be







Marc Shapiro is a New York Times, Los Angeles Times and Canada bestselling author of approximately 90 unauthorized celebrity biographies. He is also a published short story writer, poet and comic book writer. He actually makes a living doing this. Don’t tell the authorities.

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