“i found a dead poem and watched it rot” by Neha Maqsood




in the purple hued sunsets of london, I found a poem dead, its words
crystallised to form bones. we observed, picking the letters through
our teeth. the most carnivorous of us searched for the femur.
they told us not to look too long at the corpse,
‘shove it in the morgue, keep it cold’ they said.
don’t look at the rotting carcass of obscure words, they said.
not because its traumatizing,
but because of how mundane and ordinary it is.
unremarkably similar to life.








Neha Maqsood is a journalist who has written for multiple publications ranging from but not limited to, the Tempest, Media Diversified, Brown Girl Magazine, Rife Magazine and The Uni Bubble. Her poetry has been published in honey & lime, Turnpike Magazine and Vampcat Mag. For her efforts in tackling discrimination against people of colour (POC) and increasing South Asian representation, she was listed as the 100 Most Influential BME (Black and Minority Ethnic) people in South-West England and was nominated for a UK National Diversity Award under Race, Faith and Religion. She also starred in the 2018 film, Sisters in Arms, which premiered at multiple international film festivals in Toronto, Los Angeles, London, Kerry and Dingle.