“artifacts” by Wes Bishop

artist painter painting kate shaw.jpeg

Art by Kate Shaw



when the end came we did not save


there was barely room for us

and so

what we deemed us

was saved

what was not us

was left behind

and thus we learned

who we really were

by the mountains of 



and ways of being,

that we left for the destruction


what was not we was

who were them,

and the gulf between,

was engulfed in a difference

between necessary


and required



why had we worn for so many years

the cultures of another?

we had learned little

but for moments, at least,

in gift shops curated,

could pretend

to connect with a people

we did not really

want to know


they were not archives

they walked among us


and so our museums were shown

to just be unjust vaults 

of power


and when we left in our arks

we rewrote ourselves through

those limitations





Wes Bishop is the Editor in Chief of North Meridian Review and Assistant Editor at TERSE. Journal.

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