“An Erasure of an Anonymous Comment Posted on the Planned Parenthood Action Facebook Page Part I and II,” by Kate Wilson



Alright. Rule number 1: take an at home test

ONLY (because of rule 2)

Rule number 2: tell no one. Not over text not

over phone. No social media. Don’t even tell

your best friend.

Rule number 3: take a mini vacation to

another state. Go under the guise to

sightsee or to visit family. Go camping/

fishing/etc. Don’t ever tell anyone anything


Rule number 4: obtain the abortion and DO

NOT sign any waivers. If you do not sign any

waivers giving consent for even providers to

communicate to other providers, you are


Rule number 5: look up HIPPA, your

information is federally protected. If the one

and only person who knows you had an

abortion leaks it, THEY will go to prison.

Why? Because they violated HIPPA, and

unless you’ve broken the other rules,

they’re the only other ones who know.


This is from an anonymous source that I am

sharing here.



what is left to say? i once had a dream

about giving birth to a giant spider.


I once had a dream about giving birth

To a thousand eyeballs. I once had a


dream about giving birth, and that was

Terrifying enough. I have never wanted


to become a parent to anything that

can feel the weight of this world. I have


never wanted to give birth to a being

who could also drown in their own


bloody hands. i am seeping eulogy,

and it is staining my underwear like


a confession. I want to exist without

apology or permission. I want to forgive


my own burning body. It was an act

of mercy. It was an act of contrition.


Kate Wilson lives in Salt Lake City, Utah and attends Westminster College. They are the Editor in Chief of Issue 56 of ellipsis… Literature and Art, work as an interview correspondent with Half Mystic Press, and serve as a poetry editor for Rose Quartz Magazine. Three of their poems were selected for the Academy of American Poets Student Poetry Prize and their work can be found with Pressure Gauge PressThe Albion Review, and Parentheses Journal, among others.

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