“KEY” by Raymond Gibson


shards of a mirror floating downriver the future
is a desert you have only what you bring with you
I’ll give you one where ice is worth diamonds
and honey worth more money is no good here
the brazen serpent of the dollar sign has locked
upon its tail and greed boundless eats the world
gold may be deafening but cannot buy silence
leave the silver to corpses’ eyes let no metal bind
how many silver stars can you pluck from the sky
what coin can outweigh the sun let no metal bind
throw gold at time you’ll still die money isn’t real
only what it buys and time are let no metal bind
the cardinal directions all end here in ruin and
elements gnaw the hands of a clock horizon
makes bearing witness to rock the burning sand
and what shade sun has strewn a broken obelisk
tells of midnight at noon what rises must fall or
will rain as parts what sinks drowns us or rises
make money age silver tarnishes and gold bends
fortune’s wheel groans from the weight above it
make money age fish rot rats eat grain metal
rusts moths eat cloth the rich think they’re gods
make money age bring back the jubilee cancel
debts let there be no king and no more slavery