When I came into myself, again

Yet another awkward re-awakening of this body

I saw an imprisoned cage of where a young woman was residing,

It was right behind my Mother’sss eyesss

A tiny fire lit between the iris of two gazing hazel stonesss

One of yearning Death and one of burning Honor

Where ssshe might consssume the esssence of the temerity of one’sss own contentment

Ssshe dissspels and expelsss the very thought of joy’sss inner dwelling

It is an echo to Her very calling

That is utterly denied

Ssshe awaitsss in the agony that is a finely feathered & combed friend

A creature of Her neglect, sssavagery, sssorrow and lessser fortunesss


We unite forever Her & I

Tethered in an astral ancestorhood

Those figures whom come visit with whispers…sometimes shouting at me

They say,

‘Cut me down by the river

Where the water stirs leaves in lakes

Upon the earth’s womb right before


Blood that spills  & slithers into Mother Earth’s harvest

The shores that bleed it’s magma layers

To the fiery depths of the creation’s pitfalls

Just as destruction of the water’s unrelenting torments

A tearing waterfall carves out the cracks of mossy rocks

She remembers…

She carries the world how she may,

Quietly shedding her skin’


The Queen of Consciousness,

The Snake Bride’s Daughter

She is Everything and Nothing


Like an apparition she dies to the fallow grounds




She sees herself in the eyes of her own Livingness

Cover Thy eyes to receive

Cover Thy wagon with a white cotton cloth


We take what we get–

Reaching out

And landing heavily on a skinny branch like a songbird

Existing helplessly-hopefully

Giving our Giver the best we know how

A space between our intimacy


I leave behind:

Three yellow petals,

Endless stars of diamonds,

Three flowering dandelions,

Sharing together

Somewhere near their heart’s wishes, their mind’s desires, their spirit’s dreams

Standing at the edge of the burning sounds of Time

Ticking away at the heart beat of our own drum

We lay

We fly

We take

We sit

We wait

We receive

Unknowing and knowing truths of our beingness

We remain

Thumbing around blindlessly while smiling back to listen

To the crushing of sticks beneath the feet of our childhood loss

A symphony of May’s Phlox panting & the scents of the forest’s melody after the rain

For the growing life

Under the dewy waters

The mirror of pure white, pink, lavender and salmon

It comes, it flows, it falls, it rushes by, it destroys, it ends, it restores

Oh Mother, I release you…




allegory of medicine robert auer 1914

Allegory Of Medical Science, 1914 by Robert Auer (Croatian, 1873–1952)

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