“Landslide” by Amanda McLeod



rules caught in the landslide

swept away in madness and diamond

filled rocks


reason is an unmarked map

the unfamiliar wild envelops me


I am lost in chaos theory


there is no light on the

windowsill to guide me home


I will not be entombed in this

bottomless dark


I take my soul and tear it into

a million tiny crumbs of ethereal


each step a dropped morsel

a trail of spiritual stars to mark

where I’ve been,  so that

I never go back







Amanda McLeod is an Australian author and artist with a penchant for good books and coffee. Her words can be read or are forthcoming in many places including The Cabinet Of Heed, Pussy Magic, and Rhythm & Bones. She is an assistant editor at Animal Heart Press and loves the water and the quiet. Find her on Twitter @AmandaMWrites


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