“summer internship with the abyssal priests of v’uth’xu” by Grey Burnett

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we found god oh yes a most dangerous

thing a most dangerous hubris we gave up

ourselves to splinter the silver spaces

between worlds an ultimate sacrifice only to find

god dead this is no surprise it was foretold

but it dreams you know you must be able

to hear her dreaming no? perhaps

it is all that meat in the way it is only

in the way what good does it do you child?

it is only pain wanting to happen or currently

happening to you so fussy so attached so

nonsensical we can show you we can show

you something more just let go of your boring

body you complain about it so nonetheless

none of this divinity used to make sense to us

either you must believe us it will it will it will

we can tell you are frustrated going through this

world trying to untangle a series of shapes that

will never make sense the meaning cannot be

gleaned no not ever this world is not some art

history class there is nothing deeper it will

only end in another heartbreak we are

prepared you know the end is coming i

know you do you must have seen it we saw

something we saw it in you the spark the

future has gifted itself to you and you

know the end is coming it is it is it is the only

way you will survive is to give up now give up

that body it never fit you no it never did it is

known to us why this attachment to blood

to bones to pain to girl to breaking

you could be resplendent instead child




Grey is an ill omen currently manifesting as a flock of blackbirds in Salt Lake City, Utah. She currently serves as managing editor for ellipsis…Literature and Art and in the past has fulfilled the roles of poetry editor and productions editor. She is a judge for the 2018 IronPen competition at Utah Arts Festival. You can find her interactive poetry at https://greyb.itch.io/

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