Associate Editor


As you browse around and see we are on break perhaps you will stumble upon this posting soliciting an associate editor. Wonderful!

We are looking for someone who would like to volunteer about 10 hours a month to vote/provide a short amount of feedback on submissions.

Our work flow is a large review every two weeks. We get multiple submissions a day most days and would like a third person to weigh in on final choices.

We are also looking for someone who is a moderate to heavy social media user so they can spread our literary propaganda.

What will make me a good candidate?

We’d like to see, more than anything, that your interests and experience align with our vision. As you will see on our editors corner page, we are focused on what we feel needs illumination and discussion namely: mental health, narratives that center queer people, conversations about the U.S. carceral state + carceral logics, body positivity, civil rights, challenging respectability politics, small press culture, and in general ways to creatively highlight these sociocultural issues. Esoteric topics are also of interest to us and we’d like to bring more of that flavor here as a lot of our readers are interested in survival practices. In addition we are also just looking for a creative person who feels deeply and passionately. The people who run this pub are both air and fire dominants (an Aquarius with a Sagittarius moon and a Libra with an Aries moon) so a little water and/or earth would probably be good for us.

In your creative work we’d like to see that you engage with one or more of these above topics. You can send a resume if you’d like.

How much time will I devote to this project/being an associate editor?

As mentioned above we’d like to keep it to 10 hours per month. To break it down further it’d be 5 hours every two weeks. To be honest some months you may only spend about 2 hours with TERSE. reviewing, but it’s better to tell you the maximum time you’d be spending just so you know. Again, we’d also like whoever works with us to help us share on social media which will take up a bit of your time.

What will I spend doing in that time?

It depends on the submissions we receive in our two week work flow. Certain weeks we might need help reviewing one piece (as you see we also accept a range of genres so the type of piece may vary–poetry, prose, visual art, audio). We might just ask you to promote works on social media during our publishing cycle.

Do I send out acceptances and rejections?

No, don’t worry about that. We just need your help voting 🙂

Is there any compensation?

At this time we are volunteer run, not for profit. We will write you recommendations for professional opportunities and say amazing things about you until you are the praised associate editor of yore for the future generations. This is not enough, but if volunteering is your thing we might be for you.

How do I apply?

Send us a note ( letting us know why you think we’d be good together. We will start sending responses out when we get back from break in September.