The Absurdity of False Victimhood by Anwar Uhuru


According to the CNN Exit Polls for the 2016 Presidential election 13% of Black men and 4% of Black women voted for Donald Trump.[i]

There’s a Facebook page called: Black people who support Donald Trump.[ii] There’s also an article titled: “Black men who support Trump.” Written by Christian Science Monitor,[iii] it should not have come as a surprise that a Black Man who claims to be for Black people and identifies as a Same Gender Loving man would come to the defense of Melania Trump. Moments before #45 was sworn into office, memes, tweets, and blogs sprung in response to the ill treatment of Melania Trump[iv].

It didn’t matter that she has been the wife of #45 for almost 12 years, that she was a model, a supporter of the birther movement, a plagiarist, and a hyper-capitalist tycoon.

Instead, this post caused other black men to chime in under the comments section that collaboratively authored a narrative of White woman victimhood. Though Black women and Women of color, still face disproportionate amounts of, domestic partner violence, and sexual assault, and increasing threats against their reproductive and immigration rights, instead, these black men didn’t waste any time running to the aid of a woman who A) didn’t ask for B) showed no evidence of and C) doesn’t need the help of an obscure man.

Historically, the outcome of embracing white woman victimhood doesn’t fare well for Black men in the end.

The Rosewood Massacre is a riot that began because of a false rape accusation. You guessed it: A white woman accused a black man of rape.[v]

In an interview conducted by Amy Schumer, Lena Dunham said that she felt dissed by football player Odell Beckham Jr.[vi]

Luckily, Black Twitter mostly Black women on Twitter read it as “how dare this black man ignore me,” and commenced to educating Lena Dunham on how problematic her statements were being read. Dunham had no choice but to address her internalized racism and announce on Instagram that she should apologize.[vii]

Afterwards she appeared on the radio show The Breakfast Club and expressed how she got educated about her racist remark and that her show Girls doesn’t represent women of color.[viii]

These examples show the damaging problems when white women fabricate victimhood at the expense of black bodies. This is not to dissuade or ignore White women who do suffer from misogyny and violence. However, where was the rally cry behind Michelle Obama and her daughters that endured countless racist and sexist attacks? Where were these Black Men who love Black people then? Not a word. Nor a peep. Yet, on January 20, 2017 on media outlets everywhere, they see a blatantly misogynist-homophobe- xenophobe-capitalist narcissist white man walking yards ahead of his wife and thought:

“Oh let me help deh missus cause she’s so gud to meh.”[ix]

Yes, I used imitative slave/segregationist dialect for affect because that was the regressive behavior that created a fictive narrative of Melania Trump’s victimhood. It radiates the ground breaking work of Dr. Joy DeGruy’s Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome. Her work alongside genetic research proves both empirically and qualitatively that trauma mutates genetic and neurological coding. It is no wonder that there is a recessive gene that naturally runs to the aid of our oppressor before we run to the oppressed.

Instead of running to the invisible aid of white women that didn’t even ask for it in the first place, men of color especially black men need to run to the aid of the three black women that founded Black Lives Matter instead of accusing them of being racist against whites and inciting violence against law enforcement.[x]

There were three women of color that led the largest Women’s Rights March in history, which was criticized by a Black Trump Supporter at the Women’s March.[xi]

Instead of performing behavior that raises the suspicion that you may be a part of the 13% of black men that voted for him and his wife to succeed the Obama Administration, it is important that Black men need to educate themselves about the toxic history that is white woman victim hood at the expense of black male bodies.

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[ix] Melania Looks Sad AF via BET news




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