DARK MATTERS: ATLAS by Moriah M. Mylod

I’m not the obsessed kind

hashtag lie, hashtag liar

I just like to think a lot

For hours and periods of time like pivoting gears

Paralyzed by motion

And spinning from perseveration

The kind that clank together

If not gently rolled over

Like the passing of a dark purple cloud in a pink salmon sky

It is when you grow brighter

Is when they try to snuff you out


You grow up smaller

Like a little Atlas carrying the weight of the world on your back

The world is…

But a crying baby that just wants

To Be.

Picked up.


And sang to.

Is it not?


Mixed Media by MMM


Published by

Moriah M. Mylod

Moriah M. Mylod is a Jungian, art psychotherapist, painter and maker of many things. Her column in TERSE. is entitled "Playground Rules & Physics." She is inspired by the relational connection and disconnection to persons, places, memories, events, the seen and the unseen. "I am often paralyzed and moved by my own acute sensitivity that has cursed and blessed me in my efforts to better understand or even counsel others and myself." In the process of becoming more self-aware through her artwork, she is learning to honor the meaning and mystery of the paradoxes that perpetually exist all around her and within her. Her hope as a creator is to discover what her (unconscious, subconscious and conscious) is trying to say, and to emotionally materialize the moods we hold as humans, as spiritual beings. "I am here, I create…so, I exist."

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